Massage Therapy

Sports Massage

Combination of Deep Tissue Massage and Trigger point massage.

Aids to release muscular tension and chronic muscular pain from the deepest layer of your muscles and connective tissues. Deep tissue massage uses more pressure than Swedish massage. This can be done full body and also focus more on the parts that need the most attention. Deep pressure will be intermittent with soothing strokes, trigger release pressure and heat pad, depending on your needs.

Attire: Loose-fitting. Removal of the outer layer outfit is recommended but optional.

Swedish massage

​Promotes overall relaxation of the whole body. Techniques involve deep circular motions, kneading, long-flowing strokes in the direction of the heart, passive joint movement techniques, jostling and tapping. Recommended to those with light sensitivity to pressure, new to massage and experiencing only minor muscular pain.

Attire: Required to remove the outer layer of your outfit and bra. Removal of undergarment is unnecessary.

Massage Therapy can be done On-Site (Marsiling) and at the comfort of your location. Exact address will be/ must be provided upon booking of appointment.

It is highly recommended to bring your own/provide 1 bath towel to be used during the massage. Using personal/un-shared towel is not only hygienic but also a basic precautionary measure in the light of COVID-19.

Full nudity is unnecessary and will not be tolerated.