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Personal Training


Cater to ALL types of fitness goals. The strategically customized training program will influence and instil an improved lifestyle with a personal touch. This tailored program will not only last during the hour of our session, but also throughout your days, weeks, months and years. It is crucial to understand your limits from various perspectives, as this will allow a deeper understanding of your strengths. Thus, you can progress efficiently and safely. 


Suitable for anyone who prefers privacy, solitary and absolute focus

Especially recommended for individuals who:

  • have chronic disease/s

  • currently going through/requires rehabilitation 

  • postnatal recovery/ currently pregnant

  • Above 60 years old with little to zero experience in physical activity**

Each program includes (varies with every individual and case to case basis):

  • Monthly progress test and track

  • Training log

  • Short programs specially designed according to schedule and lifestyle

  • Close tracking of nutritional intake

  • Massage: sports massage, trigger release, Swedish 


Fitness can be done anywhere!

Location can be at the convenience of your home, park, stadium.

Wherever we might be training at, our purpose will remain the same.

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