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Juriah Ahamad(2012)

I am in my late forties. I exercise for health and for peace of mind! If you need a Trainer,  Nisa is the person you can depend upon! She is awesome and dedicated. In other words, she knows her stuff!! Nisa will never allow "short-cuts in any of the training sessions" but she patiently encourages and motivates whiny old bones like me!! She is a knowledgeable young trainer. She would explain which exercise will maximise my workouts and recommends a challenging program for me to follow through to achieve my goals. Most importantly, she knows when to push and when to encourage. I find Nisa...refreshing.

She is passionate about her work and she brings joy and discipline (contradictory but true) in the training sessions. She is a fun person to be with and genuinely wants to help people meet their goals that are to lose weight, stay in shape or just to keep fit. She takes pride in her work and her physique (Nisa...don't deny...hehehe). Truly commendable....Thanks Nisa!

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